nobloat v1.3.3 final by bobiras2009

Friday, 21 February 2020
NoBloat v1.3.3 Final By bobiras2009
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NoBloat v1.3.3 Final By bobiras2009

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Beautiful Clock Widget Pro v1.5 AnDrOiD. StopAd-adblock. SnapTube VIP v4.68.1.4680801 MOD APK. APKGOD. Stellar Escape apk paid. A simple noob-friendly script that debloats your phone from the evenwell apps and soon, Google Apps. Author's Note - I tried adding apps to debloat from the Chinese ROM, Unfortunately they come back into the system after debloating. Hence, There is no way to remove these apps other than rooting. Please do not try using the Global ROM's script on Chinese devices, You can potentially brick your phone and your only option to recover will be factory resetting. For the Linux/Mac Version of this script, Head to - What is evenwell and why should I care? Evenwell/FiH is chinese company. Specifically, They are a subsidary of the massive Foxxconn group that manufactures consumer electronics for sale around the world. This Evewell group were a business partner of Nokia/HMD and they were responsible for manufacturing and building the software on these phones. We all know the second generation devices from Nokia i. e Nokia 6. 1, Nokia 6. 1 Plus, Nokia 7 Plus etc are android one devices which are supposed to come with clean software and no bloat. On the surface, These devices have no bloat, But when you go digging deeper into settings and the system, You will encounter these evenwell apps. What do these apps do? These apps are supposedly to maintain system stability and protect battery among various other services/features. There are also telemetry apps that send data to the chinese. This is the reason this script has been created. Nokia has supposedly stopped using the evenwell services/apps, Why would you uninstall them? Simple, Because - I do not want any dead app that previously had an history of snooping in my system. They are not supposed to be there in the first place. Okay, You've convinced me. What do I need? A Nokia phone ADB/Platform tools from Google which you can get from here - The Debloater script Windows 10(7 does not detect nokia phones and the os is dead, RIP) Prepping your phone - Navigate to settings Go to System > About Phone > Build number Tap on Build Number 7 times or untill you see the You are now a developer toast message. Now, Go back to System > Advanced > Developer options > Enable USB Debugging Once enabled, Go to your PC Prepping the script and ADB On Windows Download ADB from the the link above Extract the contents of the into a folder named adb. ( BE SURE TO EXTRACT EVERYTHING FROM THE INTO THE FOLDER) Download the script from the releases section Move the script into the folder where you have extracted the platform tool/ADB Connect phone to your PC Double click "batch-script" and run You will see a prompt on your phone, Tap on the always allow this PC option and tap Ok. On Linux Get the linux version here - Install adb-fastboot tools using the link above, or if you're running an Ubuntu based system, run the following command in the terminal - "sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot" Download "" from the releases section Open a terminal in the location where you downloaded the debloater. For example, if your file is downloaded in "/home/user/downloads", open a terminal there, or open a regular terminal and run the command "cd /home/user/downloads/" Connect your phone to the PC. In the same terminal window from before, run the command ". /"; To disable Duraspeed, run ". /" | If you are running adb for the first time, You might get an error like this - No devices/emulators found, If you did, Then please ensure that you have tapped the ok option on the prompt from your phone. F. A. Q Do I need root, Unlocked bootloader etc? No What can I expect from the debloating measures? Better Privacy and security, Possibly better battery life and performance Can I revert the changes? Yes, You can revert by either manually installing all the apps debloated by the script, by factory resetting your device or selecting the rebloat option from the script. Will I lose data by debloating? No you will not. Are there possibilities of bricking my device? Yes, But it's very rare and you need not be worried because I will test every version before releasing it on GitHub. TO-Do List Implement a way to re-install the debloated apps Add options to debloat google apps Add options to debloat specific apps Add options for rebooting to bootloader and recovery mode Add option to turn off Duraspeed on Mediatek chipset based devices Port script to Linux (thanks to @Sid127) Combine Linux scripts into one script Port script to MacOS Screenshots Further reading ( One of the main reasons I wanted to create this script) ( This is the official forum announcement stating they've disabled the evenwell apps, But did they? ).

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WA Tweaker  v 1. 5. 2 Enable WhatsApp's hidden features and much more with the integrated Xposed Module. ⚠️ If you want to support me download the latest version from the button below 👇🏻 Tweet ⚠️ Re-uploading the APKs on other sites or services (e. g. Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. ) WITHOUT my explicit permission IS NOT allowed 🚫 Requirements A smartphone with Android 4. 0. 3 or newer Root permissions* The Xposed Framework ( only if you want to use privacy and customizations tweaks)** The latest WhatsApp BETA from the Google Play Store *** Google Play Services An internet connection * WhatsApp DOESN'T support custom ROMs and phones with root permissions so if you root your phone to use WA Tweaker you WON'T receive ANY KIND of support in case of problems with your account from WhatsApp. ** Installing the xposed framework can damage your phone, use it with caution. Also keep in mind that the xposed framework triggers SafetyNet (except on Android Oreo and Pie using EdXposed for the moment), many applications may not work properly (e. banking apps, Pokémon GO, some entertainment apps, etc. ). *** Also the STABLE version is supported but the BETA version is strongly recommended. Features overview Enable all hidden features Enable the new features of WhatsApp before anyone else! Just open the app, choose the hidden features available and restart WhatsApp. Easy and fast. Get more privacy on WhatsApp Freeze last seen Disable read receipts Disable delivery reports Disable typing indicator Disable recording indicator Anti recall messages Lock WhatsApp with a code More settings Disable big emojis Save contacts Status Increase Status quality Increase group description length Increase media size limit Unlimited groups participants Chat with non-address book contacts Recall all messages without time limit And much more... Personalize Hide tabs Hide archived chats Change UI font Change toolbar color Change status bar color Change a lot of elements color Replace emojis And much more...

You buy that brand new smartphone or tablet that advertises X amount of storage space only to find it really only has about one-third of that space remaining. The problem? While a little bit of room is naturally lost to formatting and system files, bloatware can also take up extra space on your device. What is bloatware exactly? In short it is any pre-bundled software that comes with your Android device that isn’t necessary to enjoy your handset or tablet. If you buy a subsidized handset or tablet, bloat comes in two forms: carrier-included bloat and manufacturer-included bloat. To be fair, not all pre-installed apps are bad. Some manufacturer software can be useful, but if you find that you never use any of these included apps, why not regain the space? This is especially important with budget devices, as they might have only advertised 2-8GB of space to begin with, and yet you end up with even less than that. So what can you do? Actually removing bloat is easy, but you will need a rooted device to do it. For Those That Don’t Have a Rooted Device Before you decide if rooting is right for you, check out list of pros and cons involved with rooting. If you decide to go ahead with it, head over to a search engine like Google and type in something like “how to root the Samsung Galaxy S3” (change out the S3 for whatever phone/tablet you have). Once you have achieved root access, you will be ready to move on to the next section of this how-to. Tip: Did you run into some issues while attempting to root your device? Don’t worry, we have a guide for that. For Those With A Rooted Device Step 1: To get started, you’ll want to download No Bloat Free. While there are other solutions available from the Play Store, this basic (free) app works well and is very easy to use. Step 2:  Go ahead and open up the app now. You’ll immediately be presented with a Superuser request. Click the Allow button to proceed. Step 3:  Now you’re in! You’ll notice several options listed here. System apps – This gives you a full list of all pre-installed apps. Some of these are necessary for your device to properly run, so be careful when playing around here. Disabled apps – This list will contain any apps you have temporarily disabled. Disabling apps is ideal when you aren’t sure whether the app is important or not to your Android device. Backed up apps – When you delete an app you can choose to back it up, the No Bloat app will put a smaller (compressed) backup file into this list. Get the full version! – If you are looking for more advanced functionality, No Bloat also has a paid version for $1. 99. In most cases, the Free version should be more than enough, however. Step 4:  To get started, go ahead and go into  System Apps.  You will be presented a list of apps, go ahead and pick one – preferably something you are pretty sure you don’t need. Step 5:  For the purposes of this guide, we clicked on the Google Talk app. As you will see below, a new pop-up appears with several options. If you know what the app is and are sure it is unneeded, you can always delete it with a backup – or even without. Want to see if it is a needed app or system file? You can always disable it. Finally, Backup is handy if you want a backup in the event the file/app becomes corrupted. Once you’ve decided how you want to handle the app, select the option box of your choice and push okay. Repeat this process for all the apps you wish to disable/remove. Optional: Accidentally removed something important? If you disabled it, go into the  Disable Apps  option from the main menu. Hit on the disabled app and you’ll see the screen below: Simply tag the  Enable  box, hit Okay,  and now the app should be working again. A similar process exists if you deleted an app but want to return it from a backup. Conclusion That’s basically it! After you’ve repeated the process you should not only have less clutter in your device’s app drawer, but you should also have noticeably more free space on your device as well. As always, if you aren’t certain about an app’s functionality, be sure to disable it first, and not fully delete it. What do you think of No Bloat Free? did it do everything you were hoping it would? Any other bloat-removal apps that you think are worth mentioning? Let us and our readers know in the comments below. Last updated on 8 Feb, 2018.

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